canned tomatoesCanned Tomatoes – should we give them the can? 

It does become wearisome to keep alert of all different food items and what is safe and what is not. It has come to my attention that many leading brands of canned foods contain BPA. BPA is a toxic chemical that is found in many different food containers. BPA is associated with organizational changes in the breast, prostate, mammary glands, testis, brain structure and chemistry, body size and behaviour of laboratory animals. There are concerns about diabetes and heart disease as well as several other serious health problems.

What exasperates the problem is that the acidity found in the tomatoes causes the BPA to leach into the food. It is highly advised to eat fresh fruit and vegetables or purchase items in glass containers to avoid this widespread problem especially when the food is acidic. Evidence suggests that it bio-accumulates and therefore pregnant women should be very wary of anything containing BPA.

There have been calls for the FDA to ban the use of BPA’s in food packaging but to date, there are still BPA’s in food packaging.