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This is very powerful. It really makes you stop and think.

Check out this from the Thailand Health Authority

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Soy must be consumed as a whole food, not as a supplement or isolate.

William Helferich, Ph.D., professor of nutrition, diet, women’s health and aging, from the University of Illinois has stated that it is very important to consume Soy as whole foods and not as isolates or supplements.  Some supplements isolate genistein out of the soy, which is now showing a link to breast cancer growth.  He said that the negative effects of genistein are not found in whole soy foods. . He said Women in Asia have a 1 in 30 chance of getting breast cancer; in United States, it’s 1 in 8.

The most important part is that the soy is kept whole to get the greatest benefits. In asia, (particularly China), soy is a staple in the diet and is very different to the processed and enriched soy products found in America.

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Artificial Sweetners – say no

The other day I was looking through the shelves at our local supermarket and saw cranberry juice advertising “Zero Sugar Added” – well, I always look at the fine print (as you should learn to do too) and it revealed an additive known as Sucralose. Essentially this is artificial sugar. There is considerable controversy of the use of artificial sweeteners in food. There are several of them out there. Remember we focus on natural health, by putting artificial foods in our systems we are compromising nature. Our bodies do not know how to deal with artificial foods, it’s like trying to put square pegs into round holes, and it just doesn’t work. A good resource for getting reliable information on foods is the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They have a really cool App that you can get on your smart phone or iPad. Depending on your platform you can find it here; or

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Would you put motor oil on your face?

You may wish to check carefully the label of your skin creams, most people are unaware that when it states mineral oil in the ingredients, that this indicates the use of oil from under the ground. The same type of oil that is refined to use in our cars.

Would you put motor oil on your face? (I doubt it!) It is used as it does moisturise our skin and it is much cheaper than plant based oils.Regulators are very concerned with what we ingest as food but take little notice of other things that we place on our bodies like moisturisers, shampoo and toothpaste, all of  which can contain harmful ingredients.

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Read what a happy subscriber from Australia wrote about us!!

Whohoo, read the latest review!! Actual review from Apple iTunes….

Health Naturally Magazine — 5 stars
– by J.j. Maureen from Australia on 04/11/2012
Really enjoying the magazine. The articles are up to date and so so informative on today’s health problems.thankyou so much for publishing such a great read. five star +

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Alzheimer’s Disease

yay-4143914Alzheimer’s Disease is terrifying to both older people and their families. The baby boomers are going to add to the already 5.3 million sufferers in the USA today in large numbers in the next few years, unless there is a way to prevent it or even treat it. The good news is that there is now a way to treat and reverse this soul-destroying disease and it is natural, relatively cheap, and very effective. There is even documented evidence of this. AMAZING! – We have a great article in our issue 4 of Health Naturally Magazine by Dr. Bruce Fife.  We follow this up with more videos in issues 5,6&7.

Are you concerned about your deteriorating mental acuity? If so, now is the time to do something about it.

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  • Selenium is a beneficial trace element Selenium is a beneficial trace element

    Selenium is a beneficial trace element

Selenium is a beneficial trace element

Did you know that the trace mineral Selenium has been shown to reduce your risk to several types of cancer, including breast, liver, pancreatic, and prostate cancer? It is a powerful antioxidant and when combined with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene (natural vitamin A) it works most effectively. Because certain soils in the world and some farming practices limit the amount in our food supply, it is well worth considering supplementation.

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  • French Fries French Fries

    French Fries

French Fries

Some people claim that the No.1 vegetable in the USA is french fries, or what many others call chips! Now this is not great news, the humble potato is really good for you. It can sustain you if there was nothing else to eat. Don’t confuse this with french fries which are laden in fat, often cooked in cotton oil. (Cotton growing requires huge amounts of pesticides). Most fast food companies also include sugar in your french fries. They may taste nice to some, but they are terrible for you!

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Awesome Review!!

Here is an Awesome Review from one of our subscribers –

Best Health Magazine I’ve seen ever — *****  5 Star Review
– by Sduty from United States on 06/09/2012
This magazine offers detailed and in-depth information on the pertinent issues that are current today. This is not the surface rhetoric that I usually see. This a is full blown clear approach on every issue. Plus they actually validate the information by acknowledging the authors whom appear to be highly qualified.
The first issue helped us turn the corner on three separate issues that we had been searching the Internet trying to resolve. This fills in the gap between our doctor’s knowledge and the guessing we have been doing trying not to just manage our health but live our best lives. Just maybe with help like this we will actually get to retirement and be able to enjoy what we have worked so hard for.
I sincerely applaud the editors and highly recommend this to everyone who wants to live a full and long life!
Sue Johnson

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