Senior woman with her medicine bottlesWho’s going to look after you when you’re old? Do you have adequate plans in place? With the massive baby boomer generation entering the stage where aged care is becoming an increasing concern, we ask, how well are you prepared?

From our philosophy, the better you prepare for this point in life using natural methods the better the outcome and the least expensive it will be. If you begin taking pharmaceuticals as you age it is most likely that the list will grow as well as the list of side effects.

The bulk of people go to their doctor for answers to their health problems looking for answers. It is the few who look at everyone else and reflect upon their own situation who start seeking answers outside the box.

BE PROACTIVE, in fact the best thing you can start with is BE ACTIVE. Exercise is the one activity you can undertake that is free that will have the greatest effect on your health. Watch your weight, in fact if you heed our first point early enough, the second point is already addressed very closely to this one.

The next MOST IMPORTANT part is; watch what you eat. Start reading labels for fat content and fat type and sugar content. Food labels are extremely deceptive. Low fat has nothing to do with low sugar on a food label. Sugar comes in many forms like glucose and fructose. Often food labelled as low fat is high in sugar. If you do not burn up consumed sugar immediately, it converts to FAT in your body.

Start addressing your health with these two bitter pills – Diet and exercise. Good luck with the outcome, it is up to you. Be assured, the earlier you recognise this and act upon it the better your aging process will be. You control your destiny.