GallstonesHave problems losing weight? Got digestive issues or maybe some allergies? It is a sign that your liver is not functioning properly. Fatty Liver is something effecting millions of people today. Why? Because we are so hooked on processed foods that are refined and loaded with sweeteners and salt. I say sweeteners as there are a huge variety of them in our foods and if you live in the USA, a large majority of these sweeteners are derived from corn. These corn sweeteners are terrible for you but that is another story. We are also eating large quantities of the wrong fats in our diet. Today, I want to talk about your gallbladder. Many people have no idea where their gallbladder is or what its function is. Some doctors will try and tell you that you don’t really need it, particularly if it’s causing you difficulties, they will suggest that you have it removed.

The gallbladder is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as one of our most important organs. It is closely related to our liver function and is crucial in breaking down fats in our digestive system. Our liver produces bile at a slow and steady pace, delivering it to our gallbladder. Our gallbladder is used as a storage area for bile and when our bile is required, like after eating a meal with fat in it, our bile is released to assist in breaking down these fats. Over time, because of eating the wrong foods and drinks, our gallbladder will develop what are known as gallstones. These gallstones prevent the bile from filling up the gallbladder properly (because it’s full of gallstones). The gallbladder cannot squeeze out all the bile effectively also because of the presence of the gallstones. Therefore the problem just get’s worse. People often get a pain in the centre of their chest at the bottom of the chest bone, which is coming from the gallbladder not being able to function properly, and they often confuse this with heartburn or acid reflux. The good news is that this is something that you can fix at home. You can flush out gallstones, but it is best to get the OK from a Doctor or Naturopath before starting on this. It is not for the faint hearted and takes a bit of self-discipline. But following a two-week program, you can do it.

Once your gallbladder is flushed, you will start breaking down fat much more easily, and you will lose weight. You may also see a drop in your bad cholesterol levels and your high blood pressure will drop too. So you can see there are many benefits.