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downloadFoods to Make You Think

We take a look at five foods commonly assumed or promoted as being “healthy”. All is not what it seems! You might be surprised by what you read and prompted to make some amendments to your diet.

Seven Simple Ways to a Greener Diet

Naturopath Lisa Guy (Australia) has some easy ways to increase the green content of your diet.

Is Sexual Pleasure an Antidote to Pain?

As the song says: “It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”. Professor Barry Komisaruk (USA) presents his research findings in this fascinating area. Beginning his study into pain using laboratory rats he and his colleagues went on to study women “to try to understand the possible biological, adaptive, evolutionary significance of the pain-blocking effect”. Their results have some interesting implications for women in childbirth.

Statins and Exercise

Statins are widely prescribed drugs for the treatment of cholesterol but there is some controversy surrounding their use.  In her article Dr. Emily Kane (USA) explains that “Statins, the most widely prescribed drugs in the world, can cause muscle aches and fatigue in some patients.” This effect is most pronounced in people who exercise, an ironic conundrum when one considers that the people who need to exercise the most are those with high cholesterol. “Move less and you increase your risk of premature death and other undesirable outcomes, even if your cholesterol is under control.” It seems a matter for further discussion and consideration.

Sluggish Metabolism

If you have struggled to lose weight and are still wondering why you have trouble shedding excess pounds, Dr. Sandra Cabot (Australia) has an explanation – “So many patients battle with their weight and low energy levels simply because their thyroid hormone levels are out of balance. Many also have a fatty liver, which even if of mild degree only, really slows down your metabolic rate.”

She offers practical advice on how to correct these imbalances and help your body find its optimal weight.

Coconut Oil – Show me the Evidence!

Bruce Fife (USA) continues with part 2 of his article on the evidence that supports the health benefits of coconut oil. He points out that “the fact that that coconut oil is not harmful to the heart and may even be therapeutic is substantiated by numerous studies on coconut eating populations, where heart disease rates are among the lowest in the world.Many other degenerative diseases are also much lower in these populations such as cancer, diabetes, colitis, liver disease, gallbladder disease and dementia”.

Dr. Fife provides extensive references throughout his paper and is adamant that“to state that there is little or no evidence demonstrating the safety and value of coconut oil is simply not true. Coconut oil has been used successfully in traditional medicine for thousands of years, and in western medicine for at least 60 years with no adverse effects. It’s been granted GRAS (i.e. generally recognized as safe) status by the FDA”. You be the judge.

Long Distance Running (part 2)

Professor Dennis Bramble (USA) presents the second part of his article on how humans evolved to become efficient runners. This has widespread implications for health and business as “running has become among the most popular aerobic sports in the United States and many other countries.”  Professor Bramble outlines the health implications for those who adopt running as their preferred mode of exercise or recreation, covering the mental and physical aspects. He also raises a question about running barefoot versus shod. He believes that “endurance running, despite what many had long assumed, is an extraordinarily human behavior and one that sets our species apart from our closest living relatives just as surely as does a large brain.”

Red Meat, Gut Bacteria and Heart Disease

It is now widely accepted that our digestive system contains good and bad bacteria and that in order to enjoy optimal digestive health, we need more of the former than the latter. Dr. Joel Fuhrman (USA) asks whether unhealthy foods promote proliferation of unhealthy gut bacteria? He explores the role of carnitine, an amino acid involved in energy production, and abundant in animal products, especially red meat and informs us that “fascinating new research presents a new potential mechanism by which red meat may increase cardiovascular risk – by modulating the species of bacteria that populate our digestive tract!”

Food Mistakes That Leave You Drained

Do you eat what you consider to be a healthy diet but still feel tired much of the time? As Sherry Brescia (USA) points out it can come as a surprise that “many people’s version of “eating healthy” can sap energy”. Sherry explains six ways to correct your diet so that you are left with more energy.

Sugar Addiction

For those of you with a sweet tooth the information presented by Dr. Lisa Watson (Canada) might be a mix of good news and bad news. “Sugar is an important biochemical that is involved in numerous processes in our bodies.  We need some sugar for survival (glucose is the main energy source for the brain).  However, our bodies are not equipped to handle the large quantity and poor quality of sugar that we currently ingest.”

But it’s not all bad news. Lisa outlines symptoms and negative effects of sugar addiction and includes a sugar addiction questionnaire. She provides some practical suggestions on how to curb your level of sugar consumption.

Pelvic Floor Health

Sex therapist Shannon Chavez (USA) treats many women suffering from poor pelvic floor health. She explains that exercising this part of the body is important for all women and that  “changes in the pelvic floor can be subtle or cause symptoms and discomfort. The importance of pelvic floor health is essential for all women throughout different ages in life. Pelvic floor dysfunction is common – seven out of ten women report concerns.” She outlines some of the symptoms associated with poor pelvic floor health and explains some devices that are on the market for women who want to address this area of their health.

What is Ginseng ?

We present the pros and cons of this age-old medicinal plant.


More recipes from Dr. Ben Kim.  Easy-to-follow pictorial form

Sleep and Health

A video and transcript of Dr. Vince Bellonzi (USA) explaining the importance of good quality sleep and how to achieve it.