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Depression in Later Life
Sadness is a normal emotion. It’s when the sadness develops into depression that people’s lives can take a severe downturn, which can have a ripple effect on friends and family members. Julie Bajic (Australia) points out that: “Depression in older people is widespread, often undiagnosed, and usually untreated. It is not a normal part of ageing”. She describes some of the more common forms of depression and outlines measures that can be taken by those who are in contact with the elderly to help older adults with this condition.

Safe Detoxing
Detox products and programs are popular. Many people perhaps feel they can justify their bad dietary habits by doing a detox every now and then. This is probably more so around Christmas and New Year when the temptation to overindulge is present. But detoxing can have negative results if not done safely. Sherry Brescia (USA) explains that “many people aren’t aware of the potential dangers and, as a result, instead of being “cleaner,” end up with the opposite effect. The toxins that are inside your body can become even more harmful.”
She warns that some people should avoid detoxing and offers several natural and effective ways to keep your body clean on the inside.

Greening your Diet
Naturopath Lisa Guy (Australia) provides seven simple ideas on how to include more green foods in your diet.

The Rise and Rise of Type 2 Diabetes
It is widely acknowledged that type 2 diabetes is one of the scourges of modern times. There is a lot of awareness of the importance of making dietary changes and exercising to prevent the onset of the disease. Despite their best efforts, many people find it extremely difficult to lose weight. Naturopath Margaret Jasinska (Australia) explains that “losing weight if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes is usually extremely difficult. Elevated insulin, fatty liver, vitamin D deficiency, elevated cortisol and elevated androgens in women are metabolic disorders found much more commonly in diabetics and pre-diabetics than the general population. Weight loss can be almost impossible unless these metabolic problems are addressed”. She examines why this is so and outlines several helpful steps one can take to prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes and achieve weight loss.

Sexual Bliss for the Ageing Woman
According to sex therapist Shannon Chavez (USA) “we are never too old to feel pleasure. Older women have been socialized to believe that having sexual desires and needs are wrong. There is an absence of what healthy sexuality later in life should look like. This prevents women from identifying and acting upon their own sexual desires and needs.” Dr. Chavez explains what healthy sexuality in the older woman might look like.

Ayurvedic Medicine
If you have heard of this ancient form of medicine but don’t know what it entails, the article we present will shed some light.

It is acknowledged by those in the field of substance abuse treatment that nicotine is the hardest drug to give up. So it would make sense that a product like the e-cigarette is an ideal solution for those trying to quit smoking, right? Not according to Dr. Daniel Seidman (USA) who explains that “like many aging businesses, cigarette makers must try to hold onto their old customers while also attracting new ones. E-cigarettes provide a near-perfect vehicle to accomplish this business goal because it is clear that the vast majority (more than 90 percent in the first major e-cigarette research study released last month) of smokers will add e-cigarettes without quitting tobacco cigarettes.”

The Importance of Vitamin D
If you live in the northern hemisphere at a latitude where the winters are long and bleak you will find this article by Lisa Watson (Canada) of interest. She points out ten important reasons for the supplementation of Vitamin D and provides dosage guidelines.

Glycemic Index Explained
Heard of the glycemic index but not sure exactly what it is? Kate Marsh (Australia) provides a succinct explanation of this important carbohydrate indicator. She has clear guidelines on the glycemic indices of different foods to assist you in making suitable food choices and why choosing a low GI diet is beneficial to your health – “Research suggests that we could all benefit from choosing low GI carbs. Not only can they help with weight management by filling us up for longer and making it easier to burn fat, but they also have many health benefits.” To challenge any preconceptions you might have that a low GI diet might be unpalatable and bland, Kate also includes three delicious low GI recipes.

Don’t Let Phobias Rule You
Many of us have a fear of something, which is normal. It is when a healthy fear or respect for something develops into a phobia that a person’s life can be affected negatively. A phobia can be overcome with the correct approach and help. Psychologist and phobia specialist John Malouff (Australia) writes that “some individuals have a genetic predisposition toward developing phobias. However, specific learning principles also play an important role. We use these same learning principles in treatment to undo the phobia.” He explains the approach he took to overcome a phobia himself and how he now applies that same approach in his work to help others do the same.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
It sounds like a complex medical term but it really just refers to a cluster of serious conditions that affect the lungs, the most common of which is asthma. Whilst acknowledging that steroidal medicine does have a place in certain situations, naturopathic doctor Emily Kane (USA) offers a range of more natural approaches to address or prevent these conditions. She points out that “long term steroids are best avoided: they destroy normal tissue over time, increase cancer risk and often cause diabetes. Save your steroidal inhalers for emergency use only.” One of her suggested approaches is adopting the Buteyko method of breathing. (We took and in-depth look at this topic in issues 4, 5 and 6).