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Beating a Weight Loss Plateau Slim woman shows her weight loss by wearing an jeans Do you find weight loss an exercise in frustration whereby you reach a certain level but can’t progress any further? Naturopath Lisa Watson (Canada) explains why a weight loss plateau might occur and offers ten useful tips on how to overcome it.


Herbal tea in a glass cup with Rhodiola rosea on the boardNatural Approaches to Anxiety
With the stresses of 21st century living it is no wonder that so many people suffer from anxiety and depression. Life is not easy and many people juggle more than one role while trying to survive.  This long-term stress inevitably takes its toll on our adrenal glands, whose function helps us deal with the stress life throws our way. Long-term stress is accumulative in terms of damage to our adrenals. Naturopath Emily Kane (USA) explains that “if you have been anxious for many years and are too tired to feel much enthusiasm for life, then you may have taxed your adrenal glands beyond an ability to respond normally to the environment.  In this case, building up the glands with tonics may be required.”  She explains how the adrenal glands combat stress and offers helpful advice on supplements and herbal nutrients we can take to minimise the effects of stress.


Forgiveness and ForgettingJealous woman looking at a man hugging a young woman   During her research into forgiveness and the associated pain of being wronged Dr Saima Noreen (UK) and her team members found that there was an aspect to forgiveness that influences one’s health on several levels -“learning to forgive others can have positive consequences for an individual’s psychological well-being, physiological health  and spiritual well-being, (however) it remains unclear as to why some individuals find it easier to forgive than others. Recent research, however, has revealed that motivated forgetting may provide the key to understanding the effects of forgiveness. Dr. Noreen explains a cognitive process known as ‘executive control’ and reveals how her team found a relationship between forgiveness and forgetting  that suggests that forgiveness can influence the way in which we recall offences.


Healthy Food Preparation saladMany people lead busy lives and are time poor. With so many pre-prepared food products now available it is tempting to take short cuts when preparing meals. Whole sections of supermarkets cater to the time-strapped household with plenty of choices – from packets of peeled and chopped vegetables to ‘nutritionally balanced’ frozen meals. The microwave oven has revolutionised meal preparation. Dr. Sandra Cabot (Australia) is not a fan of this form of cooking and makes the point that “wise food preparation starts with high quality whole (preferably organic and/or locally grown) foods and food preparation from scratch. It takes more time of course, but just look at the benefits to your health and longevity.”   Her article covers the health concerns of using microwave ovens as well as suggested alternative methods of food preparation.


Eating to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease (part 2)

Elderly woman Although there is no recognized single cause of Alzheimer’s disease, the rise of this condition has led some health professionals to question a link between diet and healthy brain function. The modern Western diet of highly processed foods and an abundance of refined carbohydrates is thought to play a contributing role. Nutritional therapist Amy Berger (USA) is not alone in her conviction that “returning to a diet more congruent with the one our species naturally evolved with seems like a reasonable starting point in the battle against this debilitating condition (AD)”.  She explains the science behind insulin levels, diet and Alzheimer’s disease and offers suggestions on nutritional supplements that, based on their biochemical functions, she feels might be beneficial.


Fasting to Beat Cancer doctor watching X-rayIn her well-referenced article Dr. Martha Grout (USA) provides evidence in support of caloric restriction as a means of fighting cancer and other diseases.  She points out that fasting is not just a New Age fad but has been around for centuries as a means of achieving mental and physical cleansing. Scientists are now exploring its application for more than spiritual purposes.  “As it turns out, fasting does have remarkable benefits in the treatment, not only of cancer, but also of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and a multitude of other chronic diseases which plague our modern society. Fasting can theoretically inhibit several critical pathways in the development and progression of cancer, while simultaneously rendering malignancies more sensitive to treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.” Dr. Grout explores the physiology of fasting as well as safety issues around its practice.


Fat on the insideImage of woman Appearances can be deceiving. Naturopath Margaret Jasinska (Australia) explains that not all fat is the same. There are two types of body fat with different effects on the body – Subcutaneous adipose tissue (SCAT) and Visceral adipose tissue (VAT). In her article she explains that people with one kind of fat  “can be overweight yet still very healthy, and not at risk of chronic diseases.”  The other kind of fat “is strongly associated with several diseases and a shortened life span.” Margaret reveals the best way to burn both types of fat.


7 ways to beat a cold Oregano herb in wooden mortar and pestle.The common cold can knock you flat, no matter what time of year it hits. Catching a cold is not confined to winter and can be just as debilitating in summer.   There are multiple sources of possible reasons we might become susceptible to a cold, as Sherry Brescia (USA) points out – “many of us are stressed with multiple commitments, traveling on germ-laden airplanes, lacking sleep, eating not-so-healthy foods on the go and drinking more alcohol than usual – all of which depress the effective functioning of your immune system and leave you vulnerable to catching a cold. Fortunately there are several immune-boosting measures we can take to lessen our likelihood of succumbing to a cold, winter or summer. Sherry provides seven strategies that have worked for her.


Dealing with Teenage HormonesTeenage Girl Eating Fresh Salad Raising children to adulthood presents numerous challenges, joys and disappointments. Travelling with your children through the tunnel of adolescence is probably one of the toughest times for both teens and parents. Iridologist and herbalist Natasha Flynn (Australia) has some practical advice gained from her own experience as a mother. The good news is that most teens emerge from the tunnel to become functional adults!


Recipes Ripe raspberry with leafWe present two healthy recipes from nutritionist Kylie McCarthy (Australia) – one savoury and the other sweet. download