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Depression and oriental medicineGirl Nebula

Depression and other mental disorders are increasingly recognized as modern-day health issues. Anti-depressants offer relief for some but there are also other non-pharmaceutical approaches that have been shown to bring relief. Naturopath and Oriental medicine doctor Holly Carling (USA) takes a holistic approach to mental disorders. She feels that “given the choice, if most people knew there were things they could do to encourage the brain or body to produce their own (healthy brain chemicals), they would prefer the latter…. By restoring health to the individual, we restore healthy brain chemistry.”   She explores the role acupuncture can play in relieving emotional distress.

Alternatives to the flu injection

Girl in group of fruit.

Prevention is the best medicine. To avoid contracting the flu it is important to maintain a healthy immune system. Naturopathic doctor Jody Stanislaw (USA) explains how “a poor diet, chronic stress, alcohol, and a lack of sleep and exercise are the biggest culprits in weakening your immune system. Flu shots are touted as being a key step to take before winter arrives to keep you healthy. But reports of their effectiveness are actually quite mixed.” She provides tips on dietary inclusions and helpful supplements to maintain your immunity at a healthy level, giving you increased resistance to winter ailments.

Binge eating disordersMan eating salad. Hand with fork closeup

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are two of the more well-publicised eating disorders. Recently there have been four newly diagnosed binge-eating disorders. Naturopath Kylie McCarthy (Australia) looks at these and explores personality traits associated with eating disorders. She explains that “the causes of eating disorders are varied, complex and individual to each sufferer, arising from behavioural, biological, psychological, interpersonal and social factors.” This makes treatment a very personal matter and requires a skilled therapist.

Woman Receiving Massage

Massage therapy for cancer patients

Integrative medicine specialist Marcia Degelman (USA) presents a sensitive piece on her approach to cancer patients who come to her clinic.My intention is to treat the person, not the cancer. I want to connect with the innate healthy self. She is not her cancer, cancer is a condition she has, that hopefully she can overcome and survive. I’m interested in helping her body to heal.” She outlines the benefits she feels massage therapy can offer a cancer patient.



Protein powders – what you should know.

Man with weight training equipment on sport club

People who consume protein powder drinks mainly do so with the aim of improving their body image. It is important to be aware that these are highly concentrated drinks that can have unwanted effects on the body as explained by Sherry Brescia (USA). She tells us “many workout enthusiasts and bodybuilders slug away at protein shakes, imagining how great they are for muscle growth and strength. This is not necessarily the case. Before muscle grows, your body’s rate of protein synthesis must also increase…and that doesn’t come about automatically by eating more protein.  It’s a complex process that involves your cell signalling and DNA to make those amino acids turn into muscle.”  From her article we a lot more about protein powder consumption and its effect on our bodies.

Acupuncture explained

The ancient Chinese medical practice of acupuncture is now widely used by many health practitioners in western cultures. Even some allopathically trained doctors have recognized the benefits of acupuncture in treating certain ailments and integrate it in conjunction with their more traditional treatments. But how or why does acupuncture work? Dr. John McDonald (Australia) presents the first of his two-part article in which he explains some of the applications for acupuncture, as well as some interesting results from studies that support its success. He points out that acupuncture can be used to treat conditions that affect all parts of the body including the heart, our digestion and even our brain. Its effects are not just short term. “Acupuncture has been shown to produce changes which last for months and years and sometimes are even permanent.”


We present another pictorial step-by-step healthy and delicious recipe by Dr. Ben Kim (Canada).