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ZincWhy You Need ItMilk kefir

When it comes to maintaining good health there is one mineral that stands out, namely zinc. Regular contributor Sherry Brescia (USA) reveals all you need to know about zinc, which is possibly more than you might realize – “When asked about their understanding of zinc, most people scratch their heads and say, “It has something to do with preventing colds, right?”

That’s very true, but zinc’s role in preventing colds is just a drop in the bucket.”

She explains the many health benefits provided by zinc, symptoms and causes of zinc deficiency, as well as ways to rectify them. 


Digestion – The Root of Health

Stomach UlcerIn most Western societies indigestion supports a thriving antacid and digestive aid industry. As Naturopathic doctor and nutritionist Dr. Holly Carling (USA) points out “most people have limited knowledge about digestion and many are unknowingly ruining their digestion on a daily basis. This can lead to serious health consequences.She explains the reasons for poor digestion and how to avoid it. The solutions are very simple.


LectinsStomach pain

Nutritionist Kylie McCarthy (Australia) provides some interesting information on a protein associated with grains that can have adverse effects on our health – lectins. “Lectins cause chronic inflammatory disorders including neurodegenerative disease, inflammatory bowel disease, infectious and autoimmune diseases and what is often embarrassing, wind. Lectins can dramatically reduce our immunity in a number of ways: through disruption of intestinal flora and destruction of our natural killer cells.  Natural killer cells are one of the body’s most important defences against viruses and other invaders and it’s these natural killer cells that are destroyed with the consumption of lectin-covered grains.” Readers will learn how to counteract the effects of lectins using certain supplements and cooking methods.


How to Boost Your Natural Happy Chemicals

Woman doing overhead stretchesDr. Loretta Breuning (USA) explains the five naturally occurring chemicals in our bodies that play an important role in our moods. She provides tips on how to enhance each one in order to improve our mental well-being.


Heart Health VideoCollection of spices

Listen to heart specialist Dr. Joel Kahn (USA) as he explains how to maintain your heart in good health. It’s not hard to do! Alternatively, you can read a transcript of the interview.


Buteyko Breathing Method – Part 2

We present the second instalment of an in-depth article by experienced Buteyko trainer and practitioner Patrick McKeown (UK) on the Buteyko breathing method that has helped countless children and adults breathe and sleep more easily. Formulated in the 1950’s by Russian doctor Konstantin Buteyko this method is still used today and “has been practised by hundreds of thousands of children and adults for a variety of conditions including mouth breathing, hay fever, blocked nose, snoring, sleep apnoea, asthma, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and depression.”

In this instalment you will see some before and after pictures of patients who have been assisted by the Buteyko breathing method and read accounts of their changes.     download