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Bento box Healthy School Lunchesdownload

Nutritionist Kylie McCarthy (Australia) has some great suggestions to make school lunches both healthy and visually appealing to children. By taking on some of her creative food ideas and combinations you are sure to find an empty lunch box in your child’s school bag at the end of the day.

Grape Seed ExtractTranslucent slice of red grape fruit, macro isolated on white

We present the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health’s findings on the effect of grape seed extract on a range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease. We learn what the science tells us and the results are encouraging.

 Sexy woman with tattoo on her backThe Silent Killer – Mercury

In this article regular contributor Sherry Brescia (USA) explains what the primary health concerns associated with mercury are. “Mercury tends to bio-accumulate (your body holds on to it), it’s difficult to eliminate and it increases its concentration over time.  That means that even a small amount of exposure can become potentially dangerous to your health.” She outlines some symptoms that might indicate excessive exposure and provides a toxicity questionnaire for readers. She also describes steps we can take to minimise our exposure to this potentially dangerous element.

Red Wine – is it REALLY Healthy?Red wine

Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn (USA) provides some interesting facts about the consumption of alcohol and its effects on our health. He explores red wine in particular, as it has been touted over recent years as having health benefits. But Dr. Kahn warns that there are certain parameters that need to be adhered to in order to gain any benefit. “To understand the connection between wine consumption and health, it helps to have an appreciation of the U-shaped curve in medicine. Many aspects of our health can be described by a U-shaped curve, which is the idea that too much or too little of a behavior can be unhealthy, and the sweet spot (at the base of the U), is where you tend to have optimal results. This is true for blood sugar, blood pressure, how much you exercise, and how much you drink.” He points out that it is important to respect your body’ response to alcohol – “If alcohol doesn’t agree with you for any reason, skip it and work on other health prevention measures like diet, exercise and stress management.”

Unhealthy EatingCardiometabolic Syndrome

Dr. Martha Grout (USA) presents an indepth look at why cardiovascular problems are so rampant in modern society. With heart disease being the number one killer integrative doctor Dr. Grout reveals warning markers we can look for to prevent ourselves succumbing to this illness. As she points out: “Heart disease appears to be the body’s final cry for help – or perhaps its final expression of the realization that there will be no help. Heart attacks seldom spring out of the clear blue sky.” She presents a timeline that can lead to serious heart problems, explores food addiction and refers readers to several studies that support her view.


Buteyko Breathing Method – Part 3Horsey

We present the final part of an article by Patrick McKeown (UK) on the effectiveness of the Buteyko breathing method, a breathing therapy aimed at correcting dental maladjustment. He explores the work of several experts, including Dr. Mews and concludes that “for correct craniofacial growth to take place, early intervention with nasal breathing and tongue posture is essential.” The reasons children develop crooked teeth are explored and we learn that often abnormalities can be corrected without extreme orthodontic intervention, through using the Buteyko breathing method.